Lost In The Midle Of Wild Jungle With Elephant

March 23, 2018 edit


Beautifully lost in the middle of wild jungle with this big buddy ❤
Nigel Mason - Managing Director :
I am proud to say that we are the only dedicated elephant rescue park in Bali and for the last 20 years been involved in the upkeep and breeding of the 27 elephants that we originally saved from government camps in Sumatra. These elephants have now successfully bred naturally to add 4 babies to our herd which showcases our commitment to both saving these endangered species, all of which would have died, had they been left in the Sumatran camps. We are fully committed to giving this herd of elephants a comfortable and happy existence for the remainder of their lives as well as educating the public to the plight faced by this endangered pachyderm, due to the devastating deforestation happening in their homeland.

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